Magdalena Indonesia Beautiful Actress

Magdalena Indonesia Beautiful Actress

Starting from a hobby of dance, a Magdalena could eventually become an entertainer. Lena, as she used to be called, following a dance contest, which made him the opportunity to be a presenter. Debut show that he is playing is STARMILD CRUSHBONE.

The actress was born in Jakarta; May 17, 1984 it started a lot of bids, including a model. Did you know there is one thing that attracted public attention when she posed for men’s magazine, FHM. Thanks to a sexy pose he made was ranked 72nd in World’s Sexiest Women line version of FHM in 2007. And next year lapse in 2008, he was ranked third in the ranks of Sexiest Women in the World.

The youngest of three brothers are also increasingly frequent television appearances to guide the event.

Of the presenter, Lena Taurus is then an opportunity to act. Thanks to his name is getting bounced too many ads offer to him, such as Pond’s, Tse Fuk, Sari conditioning ABC, Esia, Frozz, TEB’s, McDonald’s, Roncar, ovale and much more.

Although, Magdalena career in the entertainment world is very good, but not subordinated Lena educational affairs. It’s proved successful completion of his studies at the University of Tarumanegara, Faculty of Management within 4 years.